Let your walls down

If you have a tendency to keep your walls up, then you may want to work on being vulnerable. 

First practice with your friends and family, or a therapist being in a relationship. This means allowing someone to see you for all that you are. It’s the only way for someone to love you honestly.

But if you have a habit of holding back, you must work through your Fears and Trust issues before committing to someone. A healthy relationship is about two people being able to take risks and grow together. 

Being vulnerable means putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. It means not only being in touch with your own emotions but the emotions of your partner’s ,too. You’re essentially mindful of the pain or the stress that they’re going through. 

This will help you realize that maybe all they really need is a shoulder to cry on and not just the solution. 

Learn to let go of your control. If you have a strong leader personality, it may be difficult for you to give up the reins and allow your partners to take the initiative. In order to be vulnerable, you need to allow your partners to make decisions for both of you at times. If you don’t, you could seem dismissive or hard to approach in times of disagreements. 

Vulnerability is a good thing because it shows that you trust your partner so it’s good to let go every once in a while. 

Hold onto who you are without allowing shame or embarrassment stop you from being real. Maintain a strong sense of self and never feel as if you have to done yourself down or worry about being to nice.

It’s not easy to open up but the results and rewards are worth all the hard work.

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