Keep emotion out of it

The nastiest situations happen not among escort enemies, but among the so called loved ones. Love means you’re willing to nurture another life, without forming opinions. It should be a relationship of nurture, not opinionated. 

These are not your loved ones, these are your extra limbs. You are not able to stand on two legs, so you need four or eight or twelve. These are extra limbs and when limbs are not well coordinated, they tangle up. 

There are four or five brains, four or five power centers in the home and for it to be well coordinated, certain things have to be done. One way of doing it is, with an enormous level of connectedness, not emotional. 

Emotional connectedness just brings dependency. Emotion is something to be enjoyed. It is the juice of life. You don’t make your emotions work. You should not make them work. You can make your thoughts work, you can make your body work, but don’t try to make your emotions work. 

Whenever you try to make your emotions work for you, your situations turn nasty, right? Yes or no? Initially “I love you” works. After some time, you’re trying to make emotions work for you. The harder you try to make it work, the nastier your life gets because emotion is not for work. Emotion is just to sweeten your life. Your thought and your body should work. Emotions – just there. 

It’s like a flower that you wear in your hair, nobody wears anymore. The flowers need not work, they are just there, that’s all. Emotion is like that. It’s just there pleasant and wonderful. If you try to make it work, if you try to extract some life from around you with your emotions, it is bound to turn ugly.

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