Do you judge your lover?

If you don’t have a working brain, if you’re not capable of thought then you try to use your emotions to make it work and it may work sometimes that’s the whole problem. It works initially and then you try to push it further, then your life turns so nasty. 

Among people who are supposed to care for each other. The nastiest situations happen not among enemies but among the so called loved ones. 

People have their opinions. If you love somebody, you should have no opinion that’s what love means. Love means you are willing to nurture another life without forming opinions that’s what love means. We are loved ones, we have strong opinions about each other.

No, that means you’re trying to fix life. An opinion is a way of fixing a person into a straitjacket. Love means nurturing a person into a new possibility. These two things cannot go together. 

You make some judgments for the moment to nurture it better. If you’re rearing children at home you have to make some judgments where the child is right now. To rear them to a next possibility, not form an opinion on him. The moment you form an opinion, you have no interest in nurturing that life into a new possibility. You only want to fix it in a shell of your opinion and you will be disappointed if it doesn’t go by your opinions. 

If you want to live closely with people, it should be a relationship of nurture, not opinionated. It will not work like that.

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